YOUNGBLOOD SUPERCULT - The Great American Death Rattle (black/red/bone) LP

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The Ultimate Repress Edition

Limited to 500 copies
Alternate new artwork by Joshua M. Wilkinson
Comes on Black/Red/Bone vinyl

"Listening to The Great American Death Rattle, the third release from Topeka, Kansas, quartet Youngblood Supercult is like stumbling across an old T shirt from a long ago rock festival from the 70s. You know, the type of show that would have been labeled an "All-Day Super Jam" and would have involved copious amounts of weed, Budweiser and beautiful girls in cutoffs and tube tops. Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult and Black Oak Arkansas were probably on the bill. Finding that old shirt won't necessarily bring back memories-- they're too hazy-- but it will bring back a feeling that you had a good time, even if the day ended with you puking in the parking lot." -- Karen A. Mann at Metal Bandcamp

"US Heavy Blues/Stoner Rockers - Youngblood Supercult - return with their new album - The Great American Death Rattle. An album that sees the band focus more on heavy psychedelic blues based riffs compared to their last album. The album is perhaps their most dark and daring offering to date with the lyrics adding a more gloomy effect. You can tell this by the whole tone and nature of the album. The album is packed full of great riffs but it's the darker atmosphere that makes the most complete album that they have released to date." --Steve Howe at Outlaws of the Sun

"Hazy and lysergic are two words that come to mind when listening to "The Great American Death Rattle" other words that also might be used are bluesy, heavy and majestic (with that last one being the most prevalent in Desert Psychlist's mind as the albums last notes fade into the ether and our fingers hover over the repeat button). The Cambridge English Dictionary describes the definition of majestic as " something beautiful, powerful, causing great admiration and respect", a definition that perfectly fits the collection of nine songs that make up Youngblood Supercult's new opus. Check it out ...." -- Frazer Jones at Desert Psychlist

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