HAZEMAZE - Hazemaze (transparent red/white splatter) LP

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Hazemaze is a 70's infused stoner-rock band hailing from the middle of Sweden, surrounded by lakes and forest. In 2016, in the depths of Mälardalen, the three piece summoned the forces of fuzz and heavy riffing. A combination of early doom-rock and psychedelic elements with a modern touch is what creates the bands heavy fuzz sound.


"It sounds for all the world like this could be a contemporary of Ozzy and the boys, though it never condescends to full-on Sabbath worship. No, Hazemaze has found their own way, niching somewhere between the early styles of doom that manifested on both sides of the Atlantic, though I hasten to add "slow, blues-infused hard rock" might be a better descriptor than straight-up "heavy metal." That is, unless this exciting release had come out in the seventies. Back then, it would have been considered the epitome of heavy metal, just as Zeppelin and Priest were in my teenage years. Capturing this authentic a sound and making it so alive, so vibrant, so now...well, that is no small feat.

Expect a generous helping of slow, slow riffs in league with the song that started it all: "Black Sabbath." The up-tempo sections never really make it to the eighties, preferring to loiter in that dank, cold sound that dominated so much of seventies doom. I don't really hear NWOBHM influences that characterize so many bands today that traffic in "traditional" doom. Apart from Sabbath and Pentagram, a few contemporary bands that come to mind while listening to Hazemaze are Lord Mountain, Iron Void, and to some extent Dunbarrow and Witchcraft. Truly, a standout album, especially if you're as diehard a fan of old school doom as I am. Fresh artistry is fully on display all over Hazemaze. Give any one of these tracks a spin and you'll see, though you should be warned (in the words of "Black Mamba II"): "One bite and then you are gone."


- 2nd pressing
- 150 copies on transparent red / white splatter vinyl
- Plated & pressed on high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering

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