HAUNT - Mind Freeze (black) LP

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HAUNT's massively anticipated third album. Simply put, HAUNT is the new face of traditional heavy metal & hard rock. Masterful despite their young years as a band, HAUNT began as a solo project of Beastmaker frontman Trevor William Church.

Mind Freeze is the glorious sound of new expeditions explored and conquests sealed. Here, many/most of the trademark HAUNT dynamics are firmly in place - compact songcraft, immediately memorable hooks, impassioned playing, an understated emotional element that elevates everything above mere party fodder - but the band are finding yet more interesting twists to 'em.

No more can one simply say that HAUNT are but a modern iteration of NWOBHM or some-such. On the righteous evidence of Mind Freeze, the band incorporate classic metal contours, of course, but also everything from '70s synth to '90s punk, with these moody-yet-molten anthems now evincing an almost mystical quality perfectly in line with Church's always-poignant lyrics.