KEEF MOUNTAIN - Keef Mountain (clear/black) LP

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The first time I heard Keef Mountain, I was absolutely floored. I didn't realize a two-piece band could sound so undeniably colossal while maintaining a steady amount of memorable riffage. In a landscape surrounded by bands who either fit snugly within the realm of heavy sludge or riff-y stoner rock, Keef Mountain's self-titled debut skirts that divide in a harmonious mixture of heavy, reverb-laden doom, ripping lead work, and powerful vocal performance. Like their label, the newly-formed The Company Records, Keef Mountain are based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Much like Black Pyramid or Acid King, Keef Mountain delivers the heavy, lumbering drone of fuzzed-out guitar and spacey but commanding vocals in which longtime listeners relish, but not in a stale way.
Jake Hayde achieves this tone through his almost scientific setup of pedals and a solid Les Paul run through an array of vintage Sunn bass amps. Dillon Bendetti punches through Jake's guitar work with hefty, solid drums. There are several hard-hitters on this record that can be expected to be future doom favorites, including the opening track "Green Wizard", which comes on slow and grinding but quickly turns around into a driving frenzy of stoned fury; later tracks such as "Resin Lung" and "Hendog" are equally impressive. The final track, "Higher Realms", is an atmospheric but gritty voyage into all of the elements that the band displays throughout their 7-track debut slab. Well I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand, not if its a Keef Mountain Jimi you won't. Keef Mountain is worth the listen, and I can expect them to be a massive new force within the stoner/doom community.

Review by Bailey Gonzales

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