BALL - Like You Are - I Once Was - Like I Am - You Will Never Be CD

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Ball is back from the grave! The disturbed, smut-peddling, Swedish hard rock slime heavy psych band makes a triumphant return soaked in bloody diabolical occult havoc. Fucked-up, subhuman fuzz guitars. Depraved, screaming vocals. Gutrumbling bass and caveman groove drums. This is hard rock from hell.

'Like You Are - I Once Was - Like I Am - You Will Never Be' is the follow-up to their celebrated debut album from 2018. Ball now returns from a holiday in hell, loaded and ready to get ya! In between albums, the band appeared in a Showtime/HBO Nordic TV series and contributed an unholy single track to the now infamous and groundbreaking shock book 'Debauched - Witchery & Devilry' that documents occult/satanic sexuality in print.

On a deeper level, the band members have gone further to their roots by establishing a secretive coven, purportedly lead by the wicked High Priestess Satana, Dark Lord of the underworld to her followers. Ball worship Satana's womanliness and proclaim that it is by order of her that they have performed, recorded, and released this album.

The striking cover painting was created by the mysterious Finnish artist Heikki Lemmetyinen. Comes in deluxe casewrapped heavy duty vintage style tip on cover sleeve with poster. Limited edition of 400 copies.

"This is what black metal would sound like if it was from Detroit '68." -Jus Oborn (Electric Wizard).

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