LORD LOUD - Timid Beast (orange) LP

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L.A. based, heavy psych rock outfit release 2nd studio album!

Lord Loud songs are sure to kill your neighbor's lawn when played at high volumes. In the line of great American pairings like apple pie and baseball, sex and drugs, Beavis and Butthead could Lord Loud be the next, great American duo of rock?

This hardworking, heavy psych 2-piece bring sound the size of a 70's 4 piece garage band but have only 4 hands total to pull that off.

Chris Allison on "Timid Beast":

"Timid Beast" was recorded almost a year ago. The song's roots lied in a growing separation that I felt. Social, political, economic, technological. A lot of people have felt it, and have been fighting back or lashing out a bit to try to give themselves some agency in the path we're on. In that struggle, I caught myself changing in ways I didn't like. Things like cynicism were let to creep in amongst some of the other changes I was trying to make. As time passes, the rooted sentiment seems to be amplifying. This song will hopefully be one I can look back to constantly question myself: am I fighting the beast or am I becoming the beast.

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