LOW HUMS - Zzyzx (blue/red split+white splatter) LP *KOZMIK MAILORDER EDITION*

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Imagine an album made by a truly loving cult with a sweetly groovy leader, created back in the day of golden LPs you could play forever (despite having to flip over every twenty minutes). There's mystery, killer hooks, an alien allure to the fuzzy, good-time danceable vibes, and a lot of fun insights and midnight confessions found in the layers of lyrics beneath the astral energy of each song. This is Zzyzx, the latest full-length from Seattle's cabal of inspired music-nauts, delivering another platter of liberation to the rock-hungry droves of timeless rock lovers.

The name for the Seattle-based Low Hums came from a dream that band-guru Jonas Haskins (vocals/guitar/bass) had. "I heard wolves howling in a canyon in my head when I woke up one morning," he explains. "I had gotten lost in the desert and been surrounded by wolves, so I climbed a tree, which is odd to find in the desert, but there they were. A small grove of pine trees. I waited it out till the sun came up and then I woke up."

Those low murmuring growls from a slinky nocturnal pack seem to be sending signals through Haskins on Low Hum's fifth full-length release. The eleven songs on Zzyzx are just as ontologically inspiring, warmly human, and deeply comforting as a force of nature reaching out to us in a divine slumber. This is exquisitely made Pacific Northwest bomp, envisioned by someone who grew up on San Juan Island, coming by way of college town Ellensburg, and finding his tribe of collaborators in the esoteric Emerald City.


- 200x 180g transparent orange
- 150x blue/red split + white splatter (KOZMIK MAILORDER EDITION)
- plated & pressed on heavy high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering

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