BURNIN RED IVANHOE - Burnin Red Ivanhoe LP

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Burnin Red Ivanhoe, in their most fertile phase of existing from 1969 till 1972, were one of Denmark's finest groups from this period. Their innovative and powerful mixture of psychedelic and progressive Rock along with mild experimental or jazz influences gained some international recognition in Germany, UK and the U.S. Comparisons might be drawn to Traffic, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and Colosseum (Dag Erik Asbjornsen). Their eponymous (2nd) album from 1970 was recorded in London with famous DJ John Peel and Tony Reeves (of Colosseum fame) as the producers. Six epic tracks, such as 'Rotating Irons' (8:25) and 'Secret Oyster' (9:45), both offering interesting and exciting interplay between sax and keyboard player Karsten Vogel, flautist, trombone and tenor sax player Kim Menzer and extraordinary guitarist Ole Fick, driven by an absolute tight bass and drums rhythm section formed by Jess Staehr and Bo Thrige Anderson. Karsten Vogel's versatile songwriting (he composed 5 out of 6 tracks) dominates and he also had not forgotten to write enchanting "pop" songs either - 'Near The Sea' is a minor masterpiece of 4 minutes. The album comes with comprehensive linernotes by Karsten Vogel and rare photos on the insert. The music is warm and mildly remastered. Don't miss this top highlight of Danish progressive rock music. Highly recommended!