FUR, THE - The Fur (yellow/red split+orange/red splatter) LP *MAILORDER EDITION*

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The Fur is an instrumental trio of space cadets from Belgium. Heavily influenced by the acid-ridden sixties and the heavy seventies, The Fur brings a show that takes the audience back to a time where music was a way of escaping. It's not about spreading a message, it's about spreading love, harmony and peace with sound, hence why it's instrumental.

What you may expect from a show of The Fur you ask? Big vintage amps, orignal sound, psychedelic visuals and 3 dudes having the time of their life. The Fur has invested a lot of time in fine-tuning their gear and doing everything DIY-style to a point where The Fur handprinted their merch and built their own amps.

Debut album of the spacefuzzers The Fur, released in 2014. Everything was recorded DIY-style at the cinÚPalace club in Kortrijk. It's seismic. It's a trip. It's beautiful. It's Neil Young's Dead Man soundtrack reimagined by less miserable and angry dudes. It's a warm hug of riffs that rattle your drainpipe and make you feel like the goldfish on the cover. Here be heaven for your lugholes.

This release opens with a monumental (even beautiful) sounding 'Ahn Dre'. Heavy fuzz underlays an almost pleading lead guitar. If listening in the car, do watch the weight limit of any bridges you may traverse. Ready to have a blissful journey into spacey, heavy swirls of fuzz? The Fur have crafted 6 mesmerizing tracks every Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner band would love to release as a debut album!

Like Colour Haze, each track will slowly elevate your mind into unforeseen places, ranging from smooth and delicate melodies to enchanting and heavier chords progression...Take that rocket, you'll not regret this cosmic trip. (Text by Mr. Fuzz)


- 200x 180g transparent green
- 100x yellow/red split+orange/red splatter (MAILORDER EDITION)
- plated & pressed on heavy high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering

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