HOMBREHUMANO - Crepuscular (red/black) LP

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"Crepuscular" (Spanish: "Twilight") is the second album by Argentinan Fuzz Rockers HombreHumano (Spanish: Human Man).

So, let's enter the twilight zone and enjoy the psychedelic sound of the Argentinan desert. The sound HombreHumano present here is an honest hommage to 1960s and 70s Rock. On the surface I find some similarities to their brethen KNEI. "Crepuscular" is coined by two major features: fuzz and heat.

The sounds create an intense and dry heat that tastes like rough dust storms and feels like aimless hikes between rocks and dunes. The track 'Puerto Gris' (Spanish: 'Gray Port') underlines this feeling especially. Here, the percussions sound like rattlesnakes that accompany a desolate wanderer on their search for water.

But HombreHumano are way more versatile in what they do than just musicking the desert. Songs like 'Rolito' show that they know how to rock and roll, and with 'Ouroboros' there is an eclectic, wild and psychedelic track on the LP, too. The Ouroboros is the title figure of the album by the way. If you want to know more about this serpent, there you go.

Although the album is defined by a high level of versatility, HombreHumano manage to create a golden thread. Thus, "Crepuscular" feels like a long journey through desolated lands while the burning sun is a steady company to the travellers. How does this journey end? Well, look at the Ouroboros or at the cover artwork.

"Crepuscular" is Desert Rock at its most psychedelic level, and Stoner Rock as fuzzy as it can be, this album will give your eardrums a sunburn while dust and sand come out of your leadspeakers by every beat. So turn up the volume, lean back and close your eyes to enjoy this colourful sound experience."

Review by MangoWave

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