PAPIR - Jams (black) 2LP

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Papir's latest offering "Jams" is a collection of improvised pieces from a few studio sessions in early 2020. While this would be an exercise in meandering for many bands, Papir are masters of instrumental conversation, weaving musical textures with ease and spontaneity.

Papir are a trio from Copenhagen who deals less in songs and more in audible dreamscapes. Their psychedelic music is explorative, evocative and organic. For a band who jams heavily on every record, what can one expect from this purely improvised album?

"Jamming has always been an essential part of Papir. Jamming in the rehearsal room, jamming in the studio, collectively jamming live and getting in to a common zone of rocking outbursts, ambient soundscapes, repetitive trances or whatever comes through. Sometimes it can just feel like hard work of even trying to get into the zone. But mostly it's just good times and fun, and I guess that?s why we do it. It's all about musical energy! So why haven't we released a pure jam record before you might ask? Well, that's a great question and all we can say is that we don't really know, but this time we went all in on the jams. This record is a product of the jams we did during our recording sessions in The Black Tornado Studio last year. So is this the raw uncensored version of Papir? No, not really. There are always choices to make, so we picked out the best jams for you. Hope you will enjoy it!" - Nicklas Sørensen (guitar)

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