SEALAND AIRLINES - Sealand Airlines LP

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Prog-rock band Sealand Airlines self-titled debut album "Sealand Airlines". An experimental, cross-genre record with a wide array of sounds and lyrical influences; ranging from heavy guitars to almost acoustic melodies and filled to the brim with science fiction, action and allusions to cinema and pop culture.

Sealand Airlines' music draws influences from all over the music scene. Prog-rock, kraut, psychedelic, hard rock, electronic, synth-pop, and even some pure pop motifs are just a few of the genres that can be listed. The wide array of inspiration allows for the unexpected mix of sounds and impressions that can be found on the record, taking the listener for a musical journey through each of their tracks.

The band finds their lyrical inspiration in their fascination for movies and pop culture and apply these to a sound best described as a mix of 70's rock, 80's synthesizers, jazzy Rhodes and organs, bass riffs with layers and inventive drum patterns. The eight track record explores different themes and sounds, allowing the listener to discover something new with each listen.

It includes everything from upbeat, 60's sounding pop-rock songs to more thoughtful, synth-driven tracks. The almost nostalgic sound is however kept throughout, flowing through the record both musically and visually like a red thread.