BETELZEUS - Congolese Sterilization (transparent/violet) LP

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"'Congolese Sterilization' (2019) by BETELZEUS comes to us from some pissed off Fins! In true grit and form fitting fashion of sludge, the Lahti quartet present six songs that sound off like an air raid siren. The title track comes across like headline news depicting the genocide of over five million people in the African Congo. Spreading from North Africa to South Africa, with at least ten countries involved. One thousand people dying a day from malnutrition and disease in 2003 at the end of the war. There were around two million people displaced from their homes. The Second Congo War was the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.

Take a moment and think about that. To this day there are still wars raging on and plaguing Africa and its people. Think about how long the United States has been at war and for what? Oil, minerals, drugs. Greed and corrupt ideology cloud the heads of men across the globe and affects us all.

Joonas (vox), Jirko (guitar), Toni (bass), and Efe (drums) are town cryers, newsies for our modern times. Very angry about local and worldwide atrocities, as in "Earth Torn Up and The Sky Is Bleeding Black." The last track on Congolese Sterilization, "All You Got(...And It's All You Get)" is hypnotic and haunting, washing away in fading reverb and feedback - a decrescendo of disdain and bitterness. I can say after listening to the band's debut, I am now a new fan Betelzeus!" -Shawn Gibson / Doomed & Stoned webzine

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