DRUG SAUNA - 2% Saunic EP (Picture) 12"

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A band, a two piece band to be exact, one guy plays drums and the other plays bass and sings. Easy enough. Ok, well this two person band plays a warped version of doom sludge with bass tone could easily have been confused for a synthesizer, and a general vertigo sensibility. Still with me? Great, cause here's the twist, the band writes, records, and performs their weirdo rock music IN their van. Physically inside a van. So, take that notion of "boogie van", and make it less about freewheelin' SoCal sun-and-fun, and more about Canadian head trauma (hockey induced, no doubt).
Fucking unique, I promise you. When they yell "get fucked up in the Drug Sauna" it seems like warning sign as much as a clarion call to the good people of Alberta. Like, if this van's a rocking, don't come a knocking, cause when these doors slide open a drug addled army of hesher freaks will emerge to gnaw your faces off.

Lingering like thatstubbornoil stain on yourdriveway, Drug Sauna repsthegrittyessence of Calgary's gear-and-beer driven music scene. Grizzled veterans of local outfits such as Same Same, Breathe Knives, Helvis and Buffalo Bud Buster, hesher twins Dean "Deano" Robertson and Cory "Don't Call Me Late For Dinner" Martens ignited their vision of heavy band on wheels at Vantopia in May of 2019. Parking themselves on the front lawn of OCL Studios later that summer, the duosmashed out their epic 3-track EP, 2% Saunic, with the aid of recording guru Josh Gwillam. A face-melting symphony of smoke, sludge and Sabbath-worshipping fury, Drug Sauna's juicy orange vinyl offering is featuring their sweltering self-titled theme song and a crackling cover of Nazareth's "Razzamanaz," 2% Saunic deserves a place on every "Space Druggin'" rock altar.

Limited 3 track 1 sided color 12" picture disc.

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