ANUNNAKI - Martyr Of Alexandria (swirl) LP

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Across their previous seven releases the Nanaimo, BC Canada-based instrumental duo Anunnaki have explored such intriguing sources of inspiration as Hermeticism, Japanese UFO folklore, and beckoning the Apocalypse. These topics considered, it will surprise few that on their EP 'Martyr Of Alexandria', the bicephalic psych-drone-rock powerhouse have turned their exploratory gaze to specific events that occurred in 5th century Alexandria. Indeed, having named themselves for mythological Sumerian deities, Dave Read (Moths & Locusts) and Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade) suggest an intent to operate as wide-eyed sonic archeologists on a quest for truths both musical and spiritual, and as such are delving deeper and deeper into their historical fascinations with each successive release.

With three brain-melting tracks occupying 30 minutes, on 'Martyr Of Alexandria' Read (basses/guitars/synths/effects) and Thompson (drums/synths/samples) have crafted a visceral aural tapestry examining the harrowing demise of Hypatia, a pagan philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician known in her day as a teacher possessed of great wisdom. As a victim of accusatory rumours emanating from a complex religiopolitical situation at a violent time in history, Hypatia was martyred following her brutal end at the hands of an incited, rabid Christian mob in 415 AD: 1,606 years on, Anunnaki pay tribute. Co-release with Canadian label Noiseagonymayhem.

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