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Oddplay's 4th studio album called "Bluff". The album is entirely instrumental just like their previous work and contains 11 tracks. This one is a bit different from their previous albums because it is filled with much more heaviness. The album maintains the high standard of quality exhibited by the band's previous work, but this time with much more nasty riffs. The band continues to evolve its signature sound, blending smooth guitar and bass rhythms with rawer, heavier riffs interspersed. Standout tracks, such as the oddly named but exquisitely produced, "Sunseeker", or "Spoon Bender", "Depths" and the darker "Decrepit" are only the cherry on top of a release that is chalk full of unique and enchanting performances. Fans of psychedelic stoner rock and connoisseurs of instrumental music will find much to love in "Bluff", which, like the band's three other albums, remains a collaboration between only two individuals, whose love for the music they create pours out from every riff and melody on the album. "Bluff" is a product of talent and deep affection for the music and any true fan of quality will be quick to realize the album's inherent virtues. As with any Oddplay release, the question isn't whether you should give it a listen, but why is it so hard to put down after you've hit the (Odd)Play button.

Oddplay Oddplay are two guys (Itso Nikoloff, Alexander Enev) who share the vibe and love for psychedelic stoner rock. They are independent artists from Varna, Bulgaria who record, mix and master their instrumental music by themselves at Alexander's home studio in Varna. It all started in August 2019 when they recorded their first jam called Alienfest. So far they have released 4 studio albums "Wodnerland", "Urban Shades", "Soundscape" and "Bluff". Oddplay are very happy to share their music on every platform out there with all of you, fans of the genre. Check out their socials for further updates on releases. There's a lot to come.

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