PARALYZED - Paralyzed (blood red) LP

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PARALYZED is a German rock band from Bamberg, founded in spring 2019. Their retro style incorporating blues rock and stoner rock is compared to bands of the 1970s hard rock era. The members Michael Binder (guitar and vocals), Caterina Böhner (guitar), Philipp Engelbrecht (bass) and Florian Thiele (drums) were moved by the legacy of giants such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, and quickly recorded their first EP "Hidden Sun" in September 2019.

The result is a unique mixture of Binder's guitar work with swooping wah solo's, combined with his powerful vocals. Engelbrecht's booming, growling bass lines sit just beneath Böhner's crunching power chords and single note riffs. Additionally, Thiele's solid, tight and punchy percussion contribute the groove into the live-recorded EP. 

In October 2020 they again entered the studio to record their debut album. They stayed true to their line and relied on the energy of live recording and the spirit of the seventies. Being a breed of 70s Vintage Rock, Heavy Blues and Stoner Rock, this album unites several different influences in itself. Straight forward rock, dark melancholy paired up with optimistic sounding rock ballads.

"Imagine Joakim Nilsson, Jim Morrison, and Danzig walked into a bar ... Big, burly, ballsy and bluesy growls erupt into whiskey stained, smoke-hazed debauched riffage, leaving all in sight PARALYZED. Nuff said." - Bucky Brown, Bandcamp

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