STEEL MAMMOTH - Electronic Dreams LP

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Steel Mammoth released six albums of psychedelic boogie stompers and/or pure punk metal warfare during the first 10 years of the band's existence. These hard rock recordings gained universal praise and great notoriety for the self-proclaimed kings of NWOFHM (New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal). Steel Mammoth became a name synonymous with leftfield heavy metal songs about Nuclear Barbarians, an outlandish yet personal lyric theme explored through all the albums. Then something truly unexpected happened. With no warning Steel Mammoth jumped on the SWOFHM (Synth Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal) bandwagon, abandoned the heavy metal band soundscapes and started releasing intimate synth pop singles on digital platforms. Lightweight and synthetic in sound and aesthetics, yet lyrically still heavy as a death in the family, the new Steel Mammoth music surprised, disappointed, astonished or just annoyed and irritated the relatively small legions of Steel Mammoth fans around the globe. On this new, musically alternative timeline in the Steel Mammoth universe the band reaches many new emotional peaks, melodic triumphs, rhythmic contortions and a superbly high definition motorik groove unimaginable on other levels of the Nuclear Barbarian-multiverse. Steel Mammoth is still a band on an unholy mission from the gods behind the gods, ever ready to fight beyond death and always TOUGH ENOUGH TO LOSE. Transformed yet still the same, Steel Mammoth remains Steel Mammoth for ever. ALL HAIL THE MAMMOTH! 'Electronic Dreams' gathers the bands SWOFHM hit singles on one deliriously delicious vinyl release. Most likely the greatest and sweetest SWOFHM album ever released.