SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY - The Grand Stadium (black) LP

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Scream Of The Butterfly's third album invites the listener to a journey through THE GRAND STADIUM - a dark and oblivious place in which the lines between fantasy and reality have long become blurred. Drawn in by "The Keen-Eyed Man", fierce hooks and revelling melodies create an uplifting feeling of reckless adventure always blending into a world of solitude and nostalgia.

THE GRAND STADIUM boasts SOTB's sound defining trademarks which include fierily dashing guitar work, a roaring hammond organ as well as upfront rock vocals. Wild riffs and memorable choruses that constantly move back and forth between vintage rock bliss and grunge-like heaviness.

However, the 10-track record also marks SOTB's leap towards a less predictable and more unconventional musical approach that introduces unexpected compositional turns and the usage of a wider array of instruments.

THE GRAND STADIUM is as loud and wild as it is intimate and calm - it is the band's soulful monument to rock 'n' roll music.

QUOTES from the music industry:

"The four Berlin retro electricts seem to have fun mixing old sounds. Rock music history laid out there right in front of you, feel free to serve yourself without holding back." (Rockhard Magazine, SEP-2022)

"In the late '60s/early '70s SCREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY would have probably been at the top of the charts or on the cover of the Bravo magazine. (OX Fanzine, SEP-2022)

"Scream of the Butterfly know how to write catchy choruses. Fans of Kadavar, Hällas and the like may well check out THE GRAND STADIUM." (Legacy Magazine, SEP-2022)