SLOMATICS - Canyons (blue) LP

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Reissue on blue vinyl.

Since 2005, Belfast based space-sludge juggernauts Slomatics have scoured the cosmic plains for doomy inspiration. The universe is a vast place, and with their seventh album 'Canyons' released in 2019, Slomatics haven't run out of inspiration. Every Slomatics' record tells a story. Their 2016 release 'Future Echo Returns' was an earthy beast, dense and direct. Bone-rattling heaviness in the form of fuzz-laden doom was the main tool used on that record; in my review of that release I desired more tenderness, more humanity. 'Canyons' is more expansive, an exploration of the far reaches of the universe. Less muddy, less bludgeoning, 'Canyons' belongs to something spiritual-the over-amplified noise slabs are present, but they're packaged differently, sent through vistas of the melancholic and less abrasive variety.